We were not only meant to take nutrients from the sun, but also from the earth. Before the invention of shoes, humans harvested the benefits of the earth’s energy through direct contact.

Grounding your body work table is a natural remedy that connects users to the healing power of the earth’s energy, which

  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Provides a sounder, more restful sleep
  • Because of these supportive health benefits, users appear more refreshed, with a healthy, natural glow!

The Alpha Grounding Massage Table Pad plugs into a grounded outlet in your home. It then collects and transfers the earth’s energy to you while you are in contact with it.

Thickening of the blood vessels causing poor circulation.
When grounded the vessels maintain their natural state, circulation is improved and inflation and pain are reduced.

About Earthing

Everything runs on energy − including the trillions of cells that make up the complex machinery of your body. Our bodies are essentially bioelectrical circuitry that requires balance to maintain their vibration and perform at its highest capacity. Even a slight disruption in this balance can lead to all sorts of health issues.

Likewise, the earth is buzzing with energy—overflowing, in fact! The surface of the earth is blanketed in a mist of free floating electrons that give the ground its negative charge. Connecting to the earth, skin to ground, and absorbing its charge is a vital form of nutrition that has been lost in the modern day lifestyle. Working and living indoors, wearing insulating rubber-soled shoes, and sleeping in elevated beds disengages you from the earth’s natural vibrations. Still, your cells crave the earth’s nourishment.

You get a dose of this energy every time you walk outside barefoot. You may even feel it as tingling in the feet, or as a pleasant sensation of warmth, when walking on wet sand at the beach or wet grass glistening with morning dew.

The body needs its gentle electrical pulse to allow cells to communicate more clearly and transmit signals to the brain. These pulses create a vibration that regulates your heartbeat and circulates blood most efficiently. The direct effects of blood circulation on health and beauty are well documented.

When your cells benefit, you benefit. You. Your health. Your vitality. Your circulation. And even your complexion.

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The Earth / Beauty Connection

Poor circulation leads to many health issues both on the inside and outside of your body. Among the problems are skin discoloration, dark eye circles, acne (fluid buildup), impeded scar healing, inflammation, and wrinkling. Good flowing blood is necessary to replenish the skin with fresh oxygen and nutrients, and flush away toxins. To maintain a youthful appearance, good circulation is really a key. This process, and a host of other vital detoxifying and curative functions, is executed at a greater scope while sleeping. During deep sleep, cell division and rejuvenation peaks—metabolic rates increase in speed, while the breakdown of proteins, which are necessary for cell growth and repair, is slowed significantly. Growth hormone is released to boost collagen formation, which gives skin its supple and glowing appearance. It follows, then, that true “beauty sleep” can be achieved through the optimization of the electrical response of cells in the skin. On top of that, absorbing the electrons from the ground fortifies the body with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects—neutralizing free-radicals seeking to wreak havoc in your system. The earth offers this incredible electrical fuel in limitless supply. All you need to do is reconnect! By harnessing the power of the earth’s abundant energy, you can maximize the restorative effects of a good night’s rest.